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Strong standards are our benchmark

We cannot rely on the fact that we as a producer are convinced of the quality of our organic cultivation. We want the consumer to choose our products with similar conviction. Trust in innate healthy values translates into enjoyment of every delicious bite.

But which products deserve such a high level of trust? Products bearing the Bioland mark.


Our customers trust us for good reasons


Representative surveys have shown that 80 per cent of buyers of organic products know the Bioland trademark. This makes Bioland by far the best-known trademark for organic products in Germany.

Such popularity is not achieved without effort. It is the result of sensible and permanently monitored standards. Bioland standards actually go far beyond the minimum legal standards.

And we adhere to them.

This is a mark that can be trusted.


Foodstuffs carrying the EU organic logo have been produced by organic cultivation.

According to the relevant EU regulations, use of the EU organic logo has been subject to strict rules since July 2010.
It identifies pre-packaged organic food grown in the European Union.

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