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You choose the packaging.


Our customers choose the packaging in which they receive our soft and stone fruit. They tell us whether they want open trays or trays with lids, whether they prefer to receive fruit loose or in baskets.


We lengthen the season for you.


Thanks to the latest storage technology we are able to retain the fruity freshness of our produce over a number of weeks. We keep our fruit ready for you in the permanently controlled atmosphere of our warehouses.
We can thus guarantee continuous availability during and far beyond the harvest period.



When is what available?


Sweet cherries: mid-June to mid-August

Redcurrants: mid-June to mid-August

Blackcurrants: July to mid-August

Sour cherries: mid-July to end of August

Plums: mid-July to end of October

Mirabelles: mid-August to end of September

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