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Organic fruit
packed as you wish…


Packaging is the topic of our time. Lots of goods in a box is the minimalist solution. Nevertheless, foodtrays and bags are sold most.


Sustainable packaging solutions: Did you know that our bags I'm Green are made of 85% renewable sugarcane and are 100% recyclable. They have an equal high load capacity as other PE bags. With the „Blitzschale” in various sizes and cellulose nets, we offer you plastic-free packaging alternatives.


The new biodegradable foodtrays Blitzschale are made of cardboard. The apple nets made from the renewable raw material cellulose are compostable.


Select your favorit…


• foodtainers

• plasticfree Blitzschale

• bags or nets

• cartons or boxes

• loose or layered

• labeled

• throwaway packaging

• deposit packaging

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